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PetSleepover is an online community where pet lovers can connect with one another, to both find and provide superior, safe, convenient, and affordable ways to care for their furry best friends. Our goal is to give pets and pet parents everywhere an awesome alternative to kennels.

If you're going out of town and prefer to leave your pup with a loving sitter (instead of a kennel), or if you're looking for someone trusted and local to walk or train your pet, then PetSleepover is right for you. Get started by creating a free account, enter your email address, create a password or connect through Facebook. From there, you can enter information about your pet, or browse thousands of Sitters in your area. You can message them, schedule a Meet & Greet, and make a reservation just like you would with a hotel. We'll only charge you if the Sitter accepts your Reservation Request. After you book, you'll get the Sitter’s phone number so you can arrange your pet’s stay or care directly with the Sitter.

At PetSleepover we do our best to screen the Pet Sitters. All profiles that are listed on the website are hand-approved by our team who conduct thorough screening of every detail that Pet Sitters provide. In addition, we also provide an optional Meet & Greet function before a booking that allows pet owners to meet potential Sitters to see if it is a good fit.

Yes! We have a feature rich App that’s available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet users. We recommend you download! Just search "PetSleepover" in the App store or Google Play. Our App includes amazing features like the ability to browse local Sitters, photo and video messaging, GPS supported activity tracking, make bookings and payments, and instant messaging.

Our Terms of Service covers all the conditions our members must accept in order to use PetSleepover's services. When you register with our site or mobile apps, you automatically accept our terms of service.

At PetSleepover we greatly value animals, pet owners, and pet sitters, and are here to support you. Whether you need simple advice or help during an emergency situation, we're here for you. Just email [email protected] or call us at +61 2 80354464

Pet Owner FAQs

We believe that personalied pet care is the best experience for pets, better than kennels.. Our Pet Sitters give your pet individual attention and supervised socialisation—we think of the experience as a true holiday for pets! However, if your pet has behavioural issues, you'll want to convey this and any other specific needs to potential Pet Sitters in advance. We will try to acquire plenty of PetSleepover sitters who specialise in specific needs, take only one dog at a time or are able to stay in your home. Our Pet Sitters take in dogs and cats, and any specifications will be noted on their profile descriptions.

The amount of information we need depends on what you want to do on our site. We ask for some basic information like your name, your profile photo, email and mobile number to connect you with Sitters. Your contact details are only given to a Sitter once a Meet and Greet is requested or a Sitter is booked. If you want your pet to go on a short holiday, we ask that you share basic information about your pet (such as health and behavioural issues) so that our Pet Sitters have all the information they need to provide exceptional care. If you ever need to add additional info about your pet after creating your profile, you can always do so by visiting your Dashboard and "Edit Profile" tab, and clicking on the "Edit pet" section.

To book services such as walking, visits, grooming, you can filter the search results to see the Pet Sitters that provide these services. If you are interested in a specific Pet Sitter, please message the sitter directly through the “Ask a Question” link and request a custom quote.

Of course! Many of our Pet Sitters welcome cats, birds, hamsters, and other pets, and are happy to drop in on them or offer overnight care in their own or your home. To get started with your request, click on “Ask a Question” from the Pet Sitter’s profile and request a Custom Quote for the particular pet services you need.

You can use PetSleepover’s messaging feature to find out more about a Sitter before submitting a Reservation Request. Here, you can include details about your trip, ask the Sitter about special arrangements or just get to know them a little better.

Most PetSleepover Sitters will reply within a few hours, but to get a better idea of any Sitter’s response time, view the “Responsiveness” rate on the left of the Sitter’s profile page. Don’t be discouraged should a Sitter not respond right away. We recommend messaging a few different Sitters to learn more about each one in order to find the perfect fit for you and your pet!

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Select "Make Reservation" from the sitter’s profile page and you'll be prompted to enter credit card information. Your card will not be charged until after the sitter accepts your reservation. All transactions through PetSleepover are processed in AUD. Please note, if we cannot secure payment before the start date of your Reservation, we will cancel it. You will then need to resubmit a reservation with a valid payment option in order to book.

A custom quote allows the Pet Sitter to offer you a special price based on your unique situation. Examples include: discounts for additional dogs, an extra charge for a late pick-up, pet-taxi service, or a bath at the end of the sleepover. Only Pet Sitters can offer a custom quote—simply click the "Ask a Question" button on the Pet Sitter’s profile page and request a quote. After you receive a custom quote, you'll need to log-in to your account to accept it and input your payment information.

The PetSleepover community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We only accept reviews from Pet Owners who have booked a stay with a Pet Sitter—through PetSleepover—for validity purposes.

As fellow animal lovers, we understand that your pet is your best friend and a member of your family, so we want you to have all the necessary tools to determine which Pet Sitters are a good fit. For that reason, our Pet Sitter reviews are completely transparent. When you book with a Pet Sitter, we'll give you the chance to contribute a review about her or him so future Pet Owners can have insight into their performance. One business day after your reservation ends, we'll email you a unique URL that takes you to a page where you write about your experience with the Sitter and with PetSleepover and give the sitter a star rating. You'll also have the option to submit a "private note" to PetSleepover; if you do, someone from our Customer Care team will follow up.

We at PetSleepover understand that plans can change. Please discuss this cancellation with your Sitter first, and then if that’s ok with the Sitter, you can cancel your reservation via the dashboard. If you need to cancel your reservation before it has begun, you can do it at Dashboard - Calendar under ‘current bookings’. Depending on the Sitter's cancellation policy and the date of the booked stay, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund. You can find the Sitter's cancellation policy in their profile. Hover your mouse over the policy to read more, or consult the information below. The Sitter will have one of the three cancellation policies: Flexible: Full refund one day prior to check in, if within 24 hours of the check in, one night will be charged. Moderate: Full refund five days or more prior to check in, if within 5 days of the check in up to two nights based on the duration of the stay will be charged. Strict: Full refund 10 days or more prior to check in, if within 10 days of the check in up to 5 nights based on the duration of stay will be charged.

We understand how inconvenient a cancelled reservation can be. We’re committed to helping you get your day back on track in the rare event of a cancellation. Here’s what you need to know about your payment, rebooking, and how we can help. Refund: Your money is refunded on the upcoming Friday, if a Pet Sitter cancels your booking, unless you Transfer your payment: If you’d like to transfer, your money is securely stored within our system and immediately available to put toward a new reservation on PetSleepover. We’ll automatically apply your original payment to the cost of your reservation the next time you book. If your new reservation costs less, we’ll refund the difference once your reservation request is accepted. Find a New Sitter: The quickest way to find another Pet Sitter is for you to begin a new search on PetSleepover. You know your needs best, and it’s important for you to connect and discuss directly with the Pet Sitter. If you have any trouble getting a response, you can always contact us and we’ll be more than happy to do what we can to help. Here's some tips to help with your search: Keep an eye out for Pet Sitter profiles with Last Minute Booking Badge turned on, so you can quickly confirm a reservation, without waiting for a Pet Sitter to respond to your request. Contact the Pet Sitter to explain the situation, before submitting your reservation request. Most Last Minute Sitters will be happy to make special arrangements to accommodate your trip at short notice. Look for Pet Sitters who have a high response rate—you’ll see it on their listing page. A high response rate means the host is more likely to respond to you in a timely manner.

Please discuss this modification with your Sitter first, and then if that’s ok for your Sitter you can modify your reservation via your dashboard. Please contact the PetSleepover Customer Care Team if you have any issues: [email protected] To extend an existing reservation: Because your card has already been authorised for the original amount, PetSleepover cannot add time to an existing reservation. You can submit another Reservation Request for the additional night(s), or ask your Sitter to send you a Custom Quote.

Guides for Pet Owners for 1st booking

After you’ve searched for and found two or three likely Sitters, you’ll naturally want to determine which one is the best fit for your pet. Here’s how to begin. On a sitter’s profile page, click Contact this Sitter, and introduce yourself and your pet. Be clear and candid in discussing your pet’s personality, preferences, and special needs. Ask questions about what your pet’s experience with this sitter will be like. Get to know what to expect from the sitter, and express your own expectations in return. This early discussion is the best time to bring up all expectations about the care your pet will receive during the stay. When you’ve discussed expectations and agreed that it sounds like a fit, schedule a Meet & Greet with the sitter. Meet & Greets are a great way for you and your pet to meet the Sitter in person prior to booking your stay. You can meet at your home, at the sitter’s home, or at a neutral location. If the sitter has a pet too, consider meeting at a local park so that neither pet will feel territorial. The Meet & Greet is the ideal time to share what you’ll both need to know before you commit to the stay. For example, you’ll likely want to discuss: • Feeding and bathroom schedule. • Special needs your pet may have or medication it will need to take. • Where your pet will sleep and eat. • Where your pet will go on walks. • How much time your pet will spend outside. • The best way to be reached while you're away. • Vet and Emergency Contact information, just in case. Have the Sitter walk or play with your pet to observe their interaction. And introduce your pet to the Sitter’s pet, to make sure that everyone gets along.

We understand that sometimes photos, verifications, reviews, and emails just aren't enough—sometimes you want to meet someone the old-fashioned way before leaving your pet with them. Choose the Sitter that suits your needs, and schedule a Meet & Greet. Each Sitter will have a “Propose a Meet & Greet” link on his or her profile. Just select two dates that work best for you to meet with the Sitter. Once the Sitter accepts your Meet & Greet request, we'll share the Sitter’s contact information so you can arrange an in-person meeting before your pet’s sleepover. We always encourage Meet & Greets—they're a great way for you to ensure that the Sitter is the best fit for your pet. Click Here to check for PetSleepover Meet & Greet Sample Questions for a Dog Owner

Before setting up your Meet & Greet  Update your pets care instructions.  Tell the sitter about any special needs or concerns your pet might have: o Medications? _______________________________________________________ o Behavioural concerns, such as food allergies? ______________________________ o Okay with other pets? With cats or dogs? With kids?_______________________ o Separation anxiety? __________________________________________________  Clarify the following points with the sitter: o How many dogs will be present? ________________________________________ o How much time will the sitter spend with your dog each day? _________________ o What is the longest period that the dog will be alone? ________________________ o Who else will spend time with the dog? ____________________________________  For stays in the sitter’s home: Tell the sitter when you would like to drop off and pick up your dog.  For stays in your home: Tell the sitter whether you prefer them to stay overnight or just visit during the day.  Agree on the price of your stay. o If necessary, arrange for multiple dogs. Many sitters offer discounts for second dogs or very long stays. Meet & Greet Utilize the meet & greet like an interview, and trust yourself to pick a sitter that makes you comfortable.  Let your dog meet the sitter’s dog in a neutral place, such as a nearby pet park, to ease the dogs’ anxieties about their territories.  Get to know the sitter. o Is this a person that you feel comfortable with? o Does the sitter have a genuine interest in your dog? o Will she give your dog the kind of care you desire?  Have the sitter take your dog for a short walk: o Can the sitter handle your dog on a leash? o Does the dog seem comfortable with the sitter? o Does the dog respond to his commands?  Request your preferred method of check-in: Daily Photos? Videos? email? For stays in the sitter’s home:  Let your dog wander around and explore the sitter’s home.  Evaluate the home; will you feel comfortable with your dog here?  Review your dog’s care instructions. For stays in your home:  Be extremely clear with your expectations on how sitter should treat your house.  Let a neighbour or friend know that you will have a sitter staying in your home.  Review your dog’s care instructions Your Dog:  Make sure the sitter has your dog’s food, blankets, toys, commands, furniture, medications  How often does your dog need to go outside? _____________________________________  Where does your dog sleep? ___________________________________________________  Where are the food/treats kept? ________________________________________________  Are there special additives in his/her food? _______________________________________  What is his/her normal exercise schedule? _______________________________________  Does he/she experience separation anxiety? ______________________________________  Are there emergency contacts that know your pet’s normal behaviour? ________________  If there is an emergency, what steps would you like the sitter to take? _________________  What motivates your dog? food? specific toy? ____________________________________  Does he/she have any special quirks that are normal behaviour for him/her (i.e. likes to roll around a lot, makes unique noises)? ___________________________________________  Does your dog like car rides? __________________________________________________  What things would make him/her more comfortable (i.e. sleeping on the bed, favourite to ___________________________________________________________________________  Does your dog have any nicknames? _______________________________________  Is your dog timid around or especially like certain type of people (males/females, older/younger)? ____________________________________________________________  Other concerns: Is your dog an escape artist? Will he run if he’s off leash? ___________________________________________________________________________  Does your dog have any allergies? ___________________________________________ Your Neighbourhood:  Are there certain locations in the neighbourhood that your dog frequents or enjoys? ___________________________________________________________________________  Are there certain neighbours that your dog knows very well? _______________________________________________________________________ House:  For stays in the sitter’s home: Ask where your dog will be spending his/her time  For stays in your home: o Explain keys, elevators, parking, kitchen, guests ____________________________________________________________________ o Tell the sitter about any rules that the sitter should follow (i.e., Where can they go? Can they have guests?) ______________________________________________  Is the dog allowed on the furniture? ____________________________________________  Where are the food and treats kept? __________________________________________  Where is the collar and leash kept? _____________________________________________  Does your dog like to get into the trash? __________________________________________ Does he/she like to chew on specific things? _________________________________________

The most important thing to bring is enough dog food for the entire trip, as switching foods can be tough on your pup's tummy. You should also make sure you bring your pup’s leash, collar, water and food bowls, and any medicine or special instructions that your Pet Sitter might need. You may also want to bring your pet's bed or an old shirt or blanket that smells like you. If there's a toy that your puppy really loves, it's probably better to leave it at home so it doesn't become community property.