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About PetSleepover

PetSleepover is an online community where pet lovers can connect with one another, to both find and provide superior, safe, convenient, and affordable ways to care for their furry best friends. Our goal is to give pets and pet parents everywhere an awesome alternative to kennels. How does PetSleepover work?

At PetSleepover we do our best to screen the Pet Sitters. All profiles that are listed on the website are hand-approved by our team who conduct thorough screening of every detail that Pet Sitters provide. In addition, we also provide an optional Meet & Greet function before a booking that allows pet owners to meet potential sitters to see if there is a good fit.

Yes! We have a feature rich app that’s available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet users. We recommend you download! Just search "PetSleepover" in App store or Google Play.

Our Terms of Service cover all the conditions our members must accept in order to use PetSleepover's services. When you register with our site or mobile apps, you automatically accept our terms of service.

At PetSleepover we greatly value animals, pet owners, and pet sitters, and are here to support you. Whether you need simple advice or help during an emergency situation, we're here for you. Just email [email protected] or call us at +61 2 80354464

Become a sitter FAQs

PetSleepover pays its tax as required by Australian legislation. If you are a Pet Sitter registered with our service, we recommend you speak with a registered tax advisor. PetSleepover is not a tax advisor and cannot provide advice about taxes.

Once you've created your Sitter profile, please allow 24 hours for our team to review and update you on the status of your profile. Once your profile is approved, you'll receive a welcome email from us, and your listing will be live and visible in search results in your area. If we need further information about your profile, we will contact you by email within 24 hours of you creating your profile to let you know what’s missing.

Visit our “Become a Sitter” page to learn more about the benefits of being a Sitter and the different services you can offer on our PetSleepover platform. You can sign up with PetSleepover for free. During the Sign Up process we’ll guide you about how to make your Sitter profile stand out from the crowd. Once you've completed your profile, we will review your listing and approve your profile. We will send you an email within 24 hours to update you on the status of this review, and to let you know if more information is needed for us to approve your profile.

Absolutely! When setting your rates during the set up of your profile, simply fill out the ‘Pet Sitting at Pet Owner’s Home’ rate and this will alert Pet Owners looking for care within their own home that you provide sitting services this service. If you decide to offer ‘Pet Sitting in your own home’ as well (or exclusively), make sure you include photos of your house so that Pet Owners can see what your place looks like and if it’s suitable for their beloved pet.

Your Dashboard is the central hub of your PetSleepover account. There, you'll see tabs that will direct you to your Profile (where you can edit your listing), Messages (where you can send and receive messages and accept reservations); the Calendar (where you can set availability and manage your schedule); Account (to see your transactions, setup payout accounts and preferences). You can visit your Dashboard anytime you're logged into your PetSleepover account—just click the "Dashboard" button at the top of the PetSleepover homepage or App.

You can edit your profile at any time, whether or not your profile has been approved. Nothing you entered during the registration process is set in stone, so feel free to update it as often as you'd like. To make edits to your profile: 1. Log in to your PetSleepover account and click Dashboard 2. Click the "Edit Profile" on the left of the Profile Page 3. On the left, you can select different sections of your profile to edit 4. After each update in each section, click the "Save & Continue" button to save your updates Any changes will be immediately saved and will be live on your profile/listing. Please keep in mind that our team here at PetSleepover reviews updated profiles daily — this helps us to maintain the standards of our community.

We provide secure payment solutions and customer support for all services booked through our site. Signing up to become a "Sitter" is simple (and free!). You set your own rates, control your schedule, and decide which pets to accept. We spend money marketing to customers—pet owners, whom we also refer to as Pet Owners—so they can find your profile. Pet Owners schedule and book online, reserving their spot, with a major credit card or via PayPal. We take a 15 % Service Fee from the total amount you charge and send the balance of the payment to your PetSleepover Account one business day after your pet care service is completed. The service fee can vary from time to time, for example, during promotional activities we might reduce the fee. We will notify you if this happens, before you accept new bookings.

We understand that you may want to charge a higher rate during holiday periods. You can temporarily, or permanently, modify pricing via the ‘Calendar’ tab in your Dashboard. If you do make a rate change, please remember to charge Pet Owners the price listed on your profile during time of inquiry (you can do this with a Custom Quote if your price has since changed). This will ensure a smooth and positive booking experience for your Guests. You can also consider offering discounts to certain Pet Owners during holidays and throughout the year as a way to increase interest in your profile and services!

Boarding Rate: Boarding in the Host's home is for a 24-hour period (including overnight). This also includes walks, feeding, special instructions from the Pet Owner, and plenty of cuddles! Should the Pet Owner's stay exceed the 24-hour period, you may charge an additional fee through a Custom Quote. Sitting Rate: Sitting in the Guest's home is for a 24-hour period (including overnight). This also includes walks, feeding, special instructions from the Pet Owner, and plenty of cuddles! We suggest discussing the specifics with your Pet Owner prior to booking through our messaging system.

Because our Pet Owners pay in advance, we hold the payment for you so that you're guaranteed to get paid on time. Your payments will be automatically available at your PetSleepover account balance 48 hours after sitting is completed. Your PetSleepover balance can be used for any service and products offered by PetSleepover. We transfer the payments every Friday to accounts – Australian bank account or PayPal- transfers normally take 1 business day. Please note we do not process payments on public holidays or weekends.

If you'd like to offer the Pet Owner a special rate different from what's listed in your profile, or charge for a service in addition to a sleepover booking (e.g. walking, pick up & drop off, grooming), a custom quote is a great way to send the Pet Owner an invoice, which replaces the reservation request. With our handy custom quote feature, you can choose the dates and a total price for the Pet Owner to accept. The Pet Owner then logs into their account and accepts the custom quote and pays with a credit card or PayPal. You'll receive a booking confirmation once it has been accepted. It's also a great idea to explain the costs of the custom quote in the message box provided to make the Pet Owner feels as comfortable as possible regarding the rate and services.

No, all payments must go through As a Pet Sitter in the PetSleepover community, you agree that all transactions (including repeat bookings) with Pet Owners go through us. Bypassing PetSleepover for payments will result in immediate removal from the site.

Please note that payment will be taken from the Pet Owner the moment you accept the Reservation Request. This is the only way to confirm a reservation. As a Pet Sitter, you have the chance to set your own cancellation policy from the options provided during sign up. You may change your policy whenever you want by entering your Profile and using your Dashboard, under the Edit Profile tab. Your cancellation policy will be clearly stated on your profile for Pet Owners to see. The cancellation policies available for you to select from are: Flexible: Full refund one day prior to booking commencement, or if within 24 hours of the booking commencement, 50% of your total Pet Sitter fees will be refunded to the Pet Owner; Moderate: Full refund five days or more prior to booking commencement, or if within 5 days of booking commencement, 50% of your total Pet Sitter fees will be refunded to the Pet Owner; Strict: Full refund 10 days or more prior to booking commencement, or if within 10 days of booking commencement, 50% of your total Pet Sitter fees will be refunded to the Pet Owner. Should the Pet Owner wish to cancel after the booking commences, they will be advised to speak with you to come to any potential arrangement.

If you need to cancel your reservation before it has begun, you can do it from your Dashboard Calendar, located under ‘Current Bookings’. Depending on the Sitter's cancellation policy, and the date of your booking, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund. You can find the Sitter's cancellation policy on their profile. You can also review the full cancellation policy on our terms and conditions page, or consult the information below for a summary. The Sitter will have one of three cancellation policies: Flexible: Full refund one day prior to booking commencement (less a 2% payments transactions fee payable to PetSleepover), or if within 24 hours of the booking commencement, 50% of your total Pet Sitter fees will be refunded; Moderate: Full refund five days or more prior to booking commencement (less a 2% payments transactions fee payable to PetSleepover), or if within 5 days of booking commencement, 50% of your total Pet Sitter fees will be refunded; Strict: Full refund 10 days or more prior to booking commencement (less a 2% payment transactions fee payable to PetSleepover), or if within 10 days of booking commencement, 50% of your total Pet Sitter fees will be refunded. If your booking has already commenced, please discuss any potential cancellation for remaining days with the Pet Sitter.

A Meet & Greet request allows Pet Owners to meet potential sitters to see if they are a good fit. Pet Owners will propose 1–2 potential dates for the Meet & Greet. You have the option to accept a date or suggest a new date if neither of the proposed dates fit with your schedule. If you don't feel comfortable inviting the Pet Owner to your home, you can suggest meeting at a nearby park, coffee shop or other public location that allows pets. If you're unavailable to fulfil the Meet & Greet, be sure to decline it as soon as possible so the Pet Owner has time to search for another Pet Sitter.

We do not recommend sharing contact information until after a Meet & Greet or reservation is accepted. This is to protect your privacy and to maintain the security of your personal information. Once you accept a Meet & Greet or reservation, or a Pet Owner accepts your customised quote, your contact information will automatically be shared with them.

As fellow animal lovers, we understand that pets are both best friends and family members. For that reason, our Pet Sitter reviews are completely transparent. When a Pet Owner books a service with you, we'll give them the chance to contribute a review about you so future clients can have insight into your performance. After a reservation ends, the Owner will be emailed a unique URL that takes them to a page where they can write about their experience with you as their Pet Sitter and with PetSleepover, and also give you a star rating. Once a Pet Owner has successfully submitted a review for you, it can take 1-2 business days to appear on your listing page.

We'd be sorry to see you go, but can definitely help with that. Just contact us using the Contact Us section on the PetSleepover website or email us at [email protected] with "Cancel Profile" in the subject line.

You can choose to sit for pets (Pet Boarding) in your own home or travel to the Pet Owner’s home for Pet Sitting, where the pet may find the environment more familiar and comfortable. Some sitters prefer one type of service more than another, while others provide both. As a home visitor, you might choose to spend the night at your client’s home or offer drop-in visits. It’s up to you and the client to agree on what’s best. When you’re completing your profile, make sure that potential clients understand exactly the kind of care and services they can expect to receive from you before they book the stay.

Whether you’ll be hosting at your own home or traveling to your client’s home, you’ll quickly find that knowledge, preparation, and anticipation are the most essential elements of a successful stay. At PetSleepover, we provide all the tools we can to help make the stay happy, healthy, safe, and stress free for you, your client, and—especially—your client’s pet.

Guides for Pet Sitters for bookings

Doors - Make sure all doors are closed at all times. - Install double-gating around exits, i.e. put a baby gate or other barrier between the pet and doors to the outside. Inside Spaces - Use baby gates or other secure barriers to keep the pet in or out of certain areas of your house. - Keep the pet out of areas containing furniture or other possessions that you don’t want to put at risk of damage or put items safely away and cover furniture, roll up rugs. - Keep all human food out of reach. - Keep pet food and treats out of reach. - Use lidded trash cans or put garbage bins inside a cabinet. - If more than one pet or pet will be present, have what you need available to separate them if necessary, while keeping each comfortable. - Check your garage. Secure tools, chemicals and garbage out of the pet’s reach. Outside spaces - Remove any items that could pose a hazard: nails, paint, cleaners or other chemicals, sharp objects, and anything on the ground or within reach that the pet might eat or chew. - Keep the pet off of areas that have been treated with pesticides/herbicides. Fenced yard - Check the fence for holes or crawl-under access. Pets can squeeze through very tight spaces. They can also dig out access! Make sure any gates are latched and preferably locked. Decks - Barrier stairs that you don’t want the pet to access. Evaluate whether the pet could jump over or squeeze through the deck railing and take appropriate precautions. Remember that pets can use deck furniture to climb on or over the railing. Goals: - Keep all pets (and people) involved in the stay healthy and safe - Make the stay comfortable and fun for the PetSleepover pet - Regularly update the owner on how their pet is doing - Win or keep the owner as a repeat client

Getting ready - Pack everything you’ll need for the stay, including your phone charger. Make a list so you don’t forget anything. If you already have the key, bring it with you! - Make sure you have the owner’s contact information, as well as any other emergency contact information, such as a neighbour’s name and phone number. - If you’re bringing your own pet with you, make sure you pack their bowls, food, bed, toys, leash and harness, and medication or other special items. – Purchase food and beverages for during the stay. Unless the owner has explicitly invited you to help yourself, do not consume their food or beverages. During the stay - If your pet is staying with you, take precautions to ensure that they don’t damage the owner’s possessions or property. For example, shut doors of rooms they shouldn’t enter. - If neighbours are outside, introduce yourself and explain that you’ll be taking care of the PetSleepover pet and staying at the home. If someone will be staying with or visiting you, tell the neighbours about that person. - Lock all doors every time you leave the home. Do not take risks with someone else’s property. Unless you have explicit permission from the owner, do NOT do any of the following: - Have visitors come to the home, including other pets - Consume alcoholic beverages on the property - Smoke on the property Before the stay ends - Ensure the home is as clean and neat, or cleaner, then when you arrived. - Replace any food, beverages, or supplies that you used up. - Clean the yard of poop. - Wash, dry and fold your sheets and towels (unless the owner instructed otherwise). - Put kitchen items away, and empty the dishwasher if you used it. - Leave settings on electronic or other equipment and appliances as you found them. Goals: - Keep all pets, people, and pets involved in the stay healthy and safe - Make the stay comfortable and fun for the PetSleepover pet - Regularly update the owner on how their pet is doing with photos and messages - Win or keep the owner as a repeat client

Marketing yourself

Badges not only add credibility to your PetSleepover profile, but also rank you higher in search results and get you more customers. You can either earn these badges during the first sign up process or use your Dashboard – Profile – Gain Badges tab to access them. Here is a list of badges that are currently available: Facebook Connected Badge: This helps Owner’s to understand if your PetSleepover profile is genuine. ID Verified Badge: This helps Owner’s to understand if your profile is genuine and your ID information is correct. You can upload a copy of your ID or take a picture of it for us to review. We’ll check your name, surname and photo to match PetSleepover profile details. Reference Badge: Ask for a reference from your friends, family and people whose pets you’ve cared for in the past. Their reference letter will first be visible for you via our email notification, it’s up to you to approve the reference letter and list it on your profile. Phone Interview Badge: You can send a phone interview request to us to gain a Phone Interview Badge. We call you to review your profile and your skills for pet care services. Mobile App User Badge: You can automatically get this badge if you download and log in from our app. A sitter that uses the PetSleepover Mobile App is important for Pet Owners so they can make sure they stay connected with their pets while they are away. Profile Video Badge: You can use our Mobile App or another video recorder tool to create their own PetSleepover profile videos. A profile video is the best way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Going away? Have commitments that will prevent you from watching pets for a period of time? You have the option to either mark individual days as "Unavailable" on your PetSleepover calendar, or you can completely hide yourself from search results for weekend bookings - you can do this in the "Calendar" tab of your Dashboard. Be sure to keep your availability as up-to-date as possible so Pet Owners can get an accurate idea of when you are (or aren't) available to watch their pets.

It's important to reply to each and every message in a timely manner, even if you're unavailable for the time period requested. Your response score is comprised of the percentage of messages you have responded to and the average length of time it takes to respond to a message, and it appears on your public profile. Pet Owners are contacting you because they love what they see on your profile, and are eager for a timely response! iPhone and Android Users: Stay in touch on the go! Download our free, feature rich PetSleepover App via iTunes or Google play. The App allows you to receive notifications for all new requests and messages, read and respond to inquiries, accept or decline Reservation Requests, and access Pet Owner contact information and message threads. You can use it to take or upload photo and video updates for Pet Owners and even share your GPS supported walking path by using our App. We suggest you keep push notifications on to ensure you don't miss any communication.